Christine REYNIER and Jean‑Michel GANTEAU

       Introduction                                                                                                             II

    Gulshan TANF:JA

       Irnpersonal disinterestedness: Leavis and Eliot                                                I?

    Bénédicte Cos TE

           `The Perfection of Nobody's Stvle': Impersonality and Emo                               

                                                                                                                                               tion in Pater's Prosper Mérimée                                                                                 29

   Pierre Vrroux

       Imper‑sonality and Emotion in ,laines Joyce's Aesthetics

       and Fiction                                                                                                             43

   Michèle HITA

       Emotion vs. Irnpersonality. Action/Reaction in D. H. Lawrence's

       Women in Love                                                                                                       53

   Françoise BORT

           Emotion and the Immemorial

   Jennifer Coox

       Radical Inrpersonality: From Aesthetics to Politics in the

       Work of Virginia Woolf


           Irnpersonality and the Damned Egotistical Self: Dorothy

       Richardson's Pilgrimage                                                                                           8


       "`I Don't Read Novels . . . I Know What's in 'em"': Imperson­

       ality, Impressionism and Responsibility in Parade's End                                     9

   Fabio VERICAT

       Less love and More Feeling: Radical Personality in T. S. Eliot's

       'Impersonal Theory of Art'                                                                                     lo

   Alain BLAYAC

       Against Emotion in Literature: The Case of Evelyn Waugh                               II

Dominique DEL MAIRE                                                                                             Luc VERRIER

           The Motions of emotions in the Poetry and Prose of George                                                                 inevitable Yet Impossible Impersonality: Martin Amis's

       Mackay Brown                                                                                                     129                                  The Information                                                                       273

Sara R. GREAVES                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pascale TOLLANCE

           Romanticism as a Mode within which to Work: Imperson‑                                                                    Freezing Emotion: The Impersonality of 'Photographic Writ‑                      

and Emotion in Basil Bunting's Briggflatts and Peter                                                                           ing' in Rachel Seiffert's The Dark Room                                               287

       Riley's Distant Points                                                                 143

                                                                                                                                                                       Christine REYNIER

Isabelle KELLER                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Jeanette Winterson's Cogito ‑ Amo Ergo Sum ‑ or Impersonality

                                                                                                                                                                             Finding One's Way through `the List of Viable Selves' or‑                            299       sonality and Emotion Redefined                                                                       299

       Lawrence Durrell's Lesson in Detachment from 'the Most

       Fragile of lllusions'                                                                                              155

                                                                                                                                                                             Notes on contributors                                                                                        309

Isabelle HESLING and Anne‑Marie CARASSOU

Cerebral Analysis of Rational and Emotional Traces in Literature 167


            Elaborated upon with Due Art: Reading to Type in Muriel

        Spark's The Drivers Seat                                                             183


            Impersonality and Emotion in Suburbia: From Greene's

        Catholic Sublime to Swift's Negative Sublime                                                 195


            Eliot in Reverse: Postmodern Sentimentality in Graham

        Swift's Ever After                                                                       205


            Emotion as Ethical Event and Revision of Romance as

        Catharsis: the Fiction of Anita Brookner                                                          215


            Peter Ackroyd's English Tradition: from Plethoric Imper­

        sonality to the Creation of Emotion                                                                  229

Jean‑Michel GANTEAU

          Peter Ackroyd, Kitsch and the Logic of Impersonal Imitation                       239


          Ceci n'est pas une émotion: Sentimental and Sympathetic

       Response to the Novels of Kazuo Ishiguro                                                     251


          The Brechtian Emotions of Caryl Churchill: Examining

       Mad Forest                                                                               261