Automne 2004, colloque S.E.W. (Montpellier, juin 2003), 208 pages, 10 .

(Cliquer pour accéder aux "abstracts" en français et en anglais / abstracts available in French and English.)

Julia BRIGGS : "The Conversation behind the Conversation: Speaking the Unspeakable in Virginia Woolf"
Monica GIRARD :  "The Conversion of Conversations from Melymbrosia to The Voyage Out"

Frédérique AMSELLE :  "Logick in Pieces: a Stratigraphic Conversation in Woolf's Diary"

Daniel FERRER : " 'The conversation began some minutes before anything was said . . . ':
                                Textual Genesis as Dialogue and Confrontation (Woolf vs Joyce and Co)"

Ariane MILDENBERG : " 'Am I all of them? Am I one and distinct?': Woolf's 'Gigantic Conversation'"
Anne‑Marie SMITH‑DIBIASIO :" 'he Ebb and Flow of Conversation': a Metaphorics of Maternal Presence"
Françoise BORT : "Conversation, Conversion, Proportion"
: " 'Who knows what precipices aren't concealed in words'. Scraps of Talk in Virginia Woolf's Short Stories and Diaries"
Denise GINFRAY : "Virginia Woolf's Politics of Reviewing: a Place for Conversation"
Liliane LOUVEL : "The Art of Conversation, Conversation as an Art. 'The sisters' arts' "
Anne‑Sophie LE BAIL : "Woolf's Dialogue with the New Sciences"
Christine REYNIER
  : "Conversation Redefined: Notes on 'A Dialogue upon Mount Pentelicus' "
Christine FROULA : "The Play in the Sky of the Mind: Dialogue, 'the Tchekov method', and Between the Acts"