juin 2003, colloque de la S.E.A.C. (Oxford, septembre 2002), 203 pages, 10 .

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V. Bénéjam :"Tropes and Heliotropes: Writing the Feminine in Ulysses"
A.-L. Brevet : "Individuation through Contrast: the 'Heliotropic' Displacement of the Feminine Self in Doris Lessing's Four-Gated City"
B. Garagó : "Self-Portrait in the Act of Painting a Self-Portrait". Tropes of Inspiration in Medbh McGuckian's Shelmalier"
M.-D. Garnier : "And her poor dog was hauling": from Mrs Dalloway to Flush"
L. Gasquet : "Peter Greenaway's Allegories, or The Ethics of Systems"
C. Joubert : "Modern Ethics"
S. Marret : "The Waves: Writing the Feminine"
S. Maurel : " I am another woman": Tropes and the Metamorphoses of Gender Roles in Rebecca by Daphne  du Maurier"
F. Regard : "A Philisophy of Magical Rhetoric. Notes on Jeanette Winterson's Dancing Lesson"
P. Sardin-Damestoy : "Maternal Ethics in A. S. Byatt's Still Life"
R. Shusterman : "Putting a Figure on It: Tropes, Metaethics and the Raw Feel of Gender"
S. Wood : "Try Thinking as if perhaps..."