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octobre 1997, colloque de la S.E.W. (Nîmes, janvier 1997), 169 pages, 9,2 €.

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Patricia Laurence, "'Holding her pen like a broom': Virginia Woolf's Anxieties about working-Class Women."
Carole Rodier, "Apprehending the World: Surface, Substance, and the True Experience of Things in Virginia Woolf's Novels."
Liliane Louvel, "Love with a Fruit-Dish / Nature morte avec l'amour en plâtre / An Instance of Pictorial Eroticism."
Josiane Paccaud-Huguet, "To the Lighthouse: the Jarring Rebus of Subjectivity."
Pierre-Eric Villeneuve, "Epistolarity and Object Relations."
Rachel Bowlby, "Virginia Woolf and the Shop Window."
Catherine Lanone, "Abject Objects in Jacob's Room."
floriane Reviron, "The Nature of Things in Orlando."
Frédéric Regard, "'Let us then keep the form unsigned': Things and the Signature of the Feminine in Three Guineas."
Catherine Bernard, "'Capricious Friendships with the Unknown and the Vanished' (a Reading of some of Virginia Wollf's Essays)."
Claire Joubert, "From 'the real thing' to 'character': Virginia Woolf's Poetics of 'life'."
Mary Ann Caws, "Taking our Time with Things: Virginia Woolf's Object Lessons."
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